Company Profile

The company JOHN KALPAKAS & SONS SA from the beginning of its activities at 1969 it has been orientated with dedication into constant ameloriation of : 

  • manufacturing quality
  • user friendly products
  • high performance of the machines
    offered to the market
  • security 

The nearly 40 years of experience in combination with our numerous customers has established us a name of assurance in the Greek and international market.
The allocated products we offer are all manufactured with high standards with security certificate CE.
That was realized by our numerous customers which respond with their trust in our products.
Always faithfull in our quest for perfection , we intent to serve our customers based on the European orientation of our country, we moved further on authenticating the products manufactured / distributed by us, according the European directive for electronic material 73/23/EOK as well as the directive 89/336 EOK about electromagnetic combatibility.
This means even more security for the end user.
With your responsible work and our constant endeavor we hope into further collaboration in the future.